Save Money Integrating Health Care Systems Quickly with ConnectMate® Engine

Native Message Support for HL7, NCPDP, X12, CCD, FHIR, XML, Flatfile, BIN and More

On-Premises and Cloud Based Delivery

  • Monthly Subscription Pricing
  • Cloud IPAAS Pricing
  • Connection Based Pricing
  • Enterprise Level Discounts

Take Control of Your Data

  • ConnectMate® Engine and NexusHIE put you in the driver's seat.
  • Don't let your vendors' timelines slow your delivery of critical information.
  • Reduce the risk of medical errors.

NexusHIE On-Premises and Health Cloud are Powered by ConnectMate® Engine

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Learn about ConnectMate® Engine

Native Message Support for HL7, NCPDP, X12, CCD, FHIR, XML Flatfile and More

ConnectMate® Engine Overview

ConnectMate® Engine Demo

Why are you waiting? Invest a small amount into a brighter future! Integrate your solutions and partners faster.

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ConnectMate® Engine The Health Information Exchange MicroServices Platform
Move Health Information Securely from Anywhere to Anywhere, and in the Required Format

Integrate Your Systems

High performance at a lower cost for Hospitals, Clinics, Rx and Health Claims Adjudicators, Labs, Radiology, Insurance/Payers and more.

ConnectMate® Engine has been used to connect Hospitals and Health Care organizations since 2003

Improve Your Employment Outlook

Health care information workers are always in high demand and have the potential to earn($$$) six figure incomes in as little as 5 years. Start learning now.

Train with NexusHIE for as low as $99 per Month

Health Care MicroServices

Deliver solutions in a MicroService container built for health care. Create real-time and EDI oriented integrations with one platform.

Native Message support for HL7, NCPDP, X12, CCD, FHIR, XML, Flatfiles and More

Cloud and

ConnectMate® Engine
On-Premises Integration

NexusHIE Health Cloud
Cloud Based Integration

Everyone Likes FREE!!

Schedule a Demo of ConnectMate® Engine or NexusHIE Health Cloud and receive a free, time limited On-Premises license to test in your environment. You can run Unlimited Transactions via a single pipeline, single trading partner connection for the period of the license.


Integrate in the Cloud

NexusHIE Health Cloud allows you to integrate without purchasing servers and infrastructure. You simply select the level of monthly service and we deploy your HIE Cloud.

ConnectMate Integrated Development Environment

Your tools to develop, deliver and monitor health care MicroServices and interfaces between systems

Integrate internal systems &
external business partners

Web & Mobile Monitoring

ConnectMate Management and Monitoring